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Personal Diary

Brandon Christopher Allen

Poet, motivational speaker, artist, minister author, actor, father, Christ-follower

      Born on January 23, 1987, to a loving mother and father, then later a younger brother. Brandon was raised in Memphis, TN and learned fast how societal norms affected his self esteem and relationships. 


       The affect of addiction and struggles that stem from it, played part into what led to many poor decisions, pride, and continued failures, that eventually ended with homelessness. Feeling muted and discarded he slipped into a dark destitute state. Holding on by a thread he searched for an answer to the hovering question: “why don’t I just give up?” Then in 2009 he had an encounter almost like an awakening. He had an experience with God that was more alive then he could ever imagine and it pushed him into seeking a relationship he never truly had. From a Father he never really knew. This opened the door into his destiny.


       In Brandon's poetic work and profound thoughts about life events and his walk with Christ, you learn exactly what happens "WHEN THUNDER SPEAKS" by gaining insight into a world that is equally balanced with the ugly truth and the beauty of coming out on the other side. His passion for community, Christ, and building up those who come in contact with him are only a few of his gifts.


        As the Program Director of Rescue A Generation, founded by Rodriguez, Brandon pushes to motivate a generation through life changing engagement. The vision and fruition of his creative mind can be seen in the works of his clothing line PA APPAREL, SPOKEN WORD, and LIFE's MISSION of being a voice for those who cant speak for themselves.

Proverbs 31:8


Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed.

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