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We will inspire the dreamer.  

Partnering with artists, poets, and lyricists, we adorn articles of clothing with the art of words. We select pieces that embody encouragement and empowerment, and create garments with those lyrics printed upon the fabric.  


We will inspire the wearer.  

With the support of local graphic designers and fashion designers, our goal is to clothe each customer with fashion that motivates them to pursue their dreams. Targeting areas of low self-esteem, lack, and abandonment, we will use the beauty of each verse, lyric, and piece of art imprinted on the garments to bring love and instill hope back into the wearer. These pieces will also be available to groups, such as sports teams and businesses, to promote a sense of unity and encourage each other to collectively pursue greatness together.


We will inspire the world.  

For every article of clothing sold, an article of clothing will be given in an effort to positively impact both those who have and those who are on their way. Through donations and partnerships with non-profit organizations, our goal at Poetically Adorned is to first clothe the homeless in our local neighborhoods and later in our neighboring countries. We are using fashion to provide hope for a better and brighter future in this world, one word, one line, one lyric, and one garment at a time.  


You are The Common Thread.  

You were individually selected because of the skills you possess, the influence on your life, and your passion to change the world. With your help and support, Poetically Adorned will become a clothing line and a global movement, teaching people how to fall in love with themselves again and dream once more. We can challenge a society to step to their closets with purpose on their minds, and get dressed with their destiny in their hearts. Through your donation of resources, talents, and influence, we can inspire and change this world...together.  

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